Do you want to be a Ripped and Sexy Average Guy or Gal?


Who is this site for?

Hi and welcome to

This is a site for average people with an average life, an average job and an average body but want to get fit, healthy and ripped without busting a gut in the gym, eating every few hours, measuring foods, giving up the foods you love and living in the gym (you don’t even need to work out in a gym), or following any of that other crap from the fitness industry.

If you want to fit into your clothes better, have more energy, feel happy and confident with your body and generally look like you’re carved out of marble when you take your clothes off then this site is for you.

A Note to Women

Before I start, I want to say that although this site is called “Average Guy and Ripped”, it also applies to the average Gal. When I use the word ‘Guy’ I am referring to all the Ladies and Gents out there!

Average and fit

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a full time job, family, social life yet want to become fit and healthy?
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Do you want to gain muscle?
  • Do you want energy to keep up with your kids?
  • Do you want to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and full of energy?
  • Are you just an average guy (or gal) who wants to look good but don’t feel like you have the time/energy/money/commitment?
  • Are you sick of working out and not seeing results?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this site is for you. You have found the place to learn how to become your own personal trainer and become fit – and dare I say ‘Ripped’ in no time.

This site is not for you if you:

Want to look like a professional bodybuilder.

Want to become a Power lifter or Olympic lifter.

Are training for a competitive sport/competition/show.

So who can become average and ripped?

This site is for the Average guy who wants to turn heads and look good naked! It is for the average guy who works 9-5, has to walk the dogs, then cook dinner for the family before tidying the house and getting the packed lunches ready for the next day.

It is for the busy career Man or Woman, or busy student, Family man who just doesn’t have the time to be going to the gym 4-6 times a week and ‘food prepping’.

This site is for you. The average Guy who just wants to do their best in life and look awesome at the same time.

Now you can finally say good bye to your Dad Bod or Mum Bod!

Are you sick of having an unhealthy Dad Bod?  Do you want to stand out as being the sexy mum rather than having a Mum Bod?  If so then this site is for you!


Check out this rather comical short video made by the BBC on the new trend called the Dad Bod and Mum Bod.

The Average Guy and Ripped Challenge 

Okay, so I want you to be honest with yourself. Are you willing to step up and decide it is time that you take charge and get a body you can be proud of? Are you willing to put in some work, not loads, but some so you can finally look good naked?

How easy is it to become average and ripped?

Yes you are going to have to make some changes. You are going to have to put in something. You can’t expect to sit on the sofa eating cookies and have the kind of body you want.

You are going to have to change some bad habits and replace them with better ones. You are going to have to work out (a little at least), and you are going to have to change certain things in your diet (don’t worry, you can still eat the foods you love!).

Ok I am ready to become average and ripped. What now?

So you’re ready to become average and fit, you’re ready for put on muscle over 40, you’re ready to get rid of that Dadbod. You’re ready to have a muscular body despite not having time to work out. Then click here to start your journey.